March 31, 2015 Minutes


Annual General Meeting 2015

March 31, 2015



  1. Call to order
  2. Equality Statement
  3. Roll Call of Officers
  4. Presentation of agenda
  5. Minutes of Last Meeting
  6. Matters Rising
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Communications and Bills
  9. Executive Committee Report
  10. Nominations and Elections & Installations
  11. Personal Development Bursary
  12. Unfinished Business
  13. New Business
  14. Good of the Union


SN Name Department/Faculty
1 Bal Ram Adhikari Biotechnology
2 Simranpreet Badesha Sociology
3 Steven Berry Natural Resources Management
4 Peter Binsted Chemistry
5 Alexandra Burchill Geography
6 Xin Chang Chemistry
7 Lucy Fowler Education
8 Patrick Gauthier Natural Resources Management
9 Richard Hagdu Natural Resources Management
10 Eric Searle Natural Resources Management
11 Tallie MacDonald Biology
12 Richard Major Natural Resources Management
13 Ben Ong Natural Resources Management
14 Yagya Paudel Biology
15 Md. Shafique Rahman Biotechnology
16 Stephanie Seymour Natural Resources Management
17 Shashi Shahi Natural Resources Management
18 Jay Stapleton Sociology
19 Laxmi Pathak Education
20 Alex Ritz Sociology
21 Niyousha Mohammadidinani Engineering
22 Mona Amiri Chemistry
23 Scott Miller Natural Resources Management
24 Jimmi Avoseh Education



Order of Business and decisions:

  1. 1. Call to order: Meeting called to Order by President Patrick Gauthier at 4:02 PM
  2. 2. Equality Statement: Read out by Patrick Gauthier, 4:04 PM
  3. 3. Roll Call of Officers: Patrick Gauthier introduced all the executives, 4:05 PM
  4. 4. Accept agenda: Agenda presented by Patrick Gauthier 4:08 PM.

Moved by: Derek Wentzell

Seconded by: Yagya Paudel

Discussion: None

Approved. Carried: All


  1. 5. Minutes of Last Meeting: Posted online in CUPE 3905 Site: Highlights Read out by Patrick Gauthier. No further discussion.

Moved by: Yagya Paudel

Seconded by: Ben Ong

Minutes Accepted, Carried.


  1. 6. Matters rising: 4:15 PM. President Patrick Gauthier presented following as matters arising from last AGM minutes:

CUPE support- Margo Pasely National Staff Representative

Content ratification- Last GMM voted for ratification


Motion moved on


Trustee’s report: 4:20 PM, Presented and Facilitated by Ben Ong.

  • The Trustees of CUPE Local 3905 of Thunder Bay have conducted the CUPE audit as per the TRUSTEES’ AUDIT PROGRAM and found that the records are being kept in good order..
  • Scott mentioned CUPE local sets all the dues ( either for CUPE ON or CUPE national)

Trustees also recommended the Local 3905 move digital files to a cloud type service such as drop box, google drive, or SkyDrive in order to improve backup reliability. It is also recommended that separate optical storage medium (or otherwise) be used for regular backups.


Moved by: Eric Searle

Seconded by: Ben Ong

Motion Carried

  1. 7. Treasurer’s Report: Financial Report Presented by Steven Berry 4:26 PM


Financial Statement 2014 / 2015


No discussion on this report

$500 donations to north western Ontario:

Motion carried: Eric Searle

Seconded by Yagya

Motion to accept Treasures report

Moved by: Eric Searle

Seconded by: Ben Ong


  1. 8. Communications and Bills  4:31 PM
  • CUPE 3902 strike-arbitration settlement
  • Scott told there is no issues in last Bargaining-Its very easy to work with employers ( In campus) in camparison to last year.
  • Patrick Gauthier reported that the relations between graduate students and Human Resource Department is good all the year



Executive Committee Report

President’s Report: 4:37 PM

Patrick Gauthier: Every executive member has done a great job. We’re now a total of 451 general members as of March, 2015. All executive positions are vacant from now. No any outstanding issues for GAs.

  1. Executive Transfer Program: Seven members came forward showing their interest for the upcoming executive committee.
  2. The Joint Health and Safety Committee recognized the safety instructions for TAs.

Observe and report on emergency lighting.

Recertify WHMIS and/or biosafety training.

New chemical database module.

Oxidizing material waste disposal

  1. James Lasher Grievance
  2. GA’s from Orillia recommends future executive to make representative from Orillia campus.


Moved by: Eric Searle

Seconded by: Yagya Paudel


Report of the Stewardship Committee: 4:48 PM

Lucy Fowler (Chief Steward)

  • Several issues brought forward to the Chief Steward this year
  • Two members working with the same professor experienced problems regarding the professor’s conduct
  • An undergraduate student found a photograph that a member had posted on social media, and a professor brought it to Human Resources


Moved by: Alex Ritz

Seconded by: Ben Ong



Report of the Membership Services Committee: 4:54 PM

Yagya Paudel, Recording Secretary


  • General Meetings (at least twice a year)
  • Orientation (Usually in the Fall with coordination with Grad Studies Department)
  • Collective Agreement (Current and coming)
  • Personal Development Bursary (amount, eligibilities, deadlines, and selection process)
  • Graduate Award (administered by Grad Studies)

He encouraged members to use these membership services and visit CUPE Website www., Like CUPE 3905on Facebook and follow CUPE3905 on Twitter.



Moved by: Alex Ritz

Seconded by: Eric Searle


Vice President’s Report: 4:58 PM

Presented by Shashi Shahi

  • Attended IRC meeting held on Oct. 21, 2014

–     Voicing concerns and roundtable discussions

–     Planning is underway for Lakehead University’s 50th Anniversary celebration

–     Incentive plans

–     Retirement and replacement policies

–     Cost saving due to retirements or replacement policies

–     Date for closer of cafeteria before holidays (proposed date Dec 24th 2014)

–     New initiatives by Lakehead University facility planning department

–     Funding concerns related to graduate students

–     Creation of bargaining committee


Moved by: Eric Searle

Seconded by: Yagya Paudel



10. Nominations and Elections & Installations

5: 06 PM Patrick Gauthier facilitated the session. All  positions were open. Anyone who is getting TA/GA next year (2015-16) can run for the office.


Nomination for President: Eric Searle

Proposed by: Patrick Gauthier

Seconded by: Ben Ong

(Acclaimed) Elected Carried


Nomination for Vice-President: Laxmi Pathak

Proposed by: Patrick Gauthier

Seconded by: Shashi

(Acclaimed) Elected Carried


Nomination for Recording Secretary: Bal Ram Adhikari

Proposed by: Yagya Paudel

Seconded by: Eric Searle

(Acclaimed) Elected Carried


Nomination for Secretary Treasurer: Niyousha Mohammadidinani

Proposed by: Steve Berry

Seconded by: Derek

(Acclaimed) Elected Carried


Nomination for Chief Steward: Alex Ritz

Proposed by: Lucy Fowler

Seconded by: Ben Ong

(Acclaimed) Elected Carried



a. Trustees

  1. Staphanie Seymour, Proposed by Patrick Gauthier, Seconded by Eric Searle; Accepted
  2. Mona Amiri, Proposed by Patrick Gauthier, Seconded by Ben Ong; Accepted

b. Stewardship Committee

1. Xin Chen (Chemistry)

2. Praveen Kumar ( Natural Resource Mangement)


11. Unfinished Business


Donation 2015-16. One donation application. Executive committee approved $500 to donate North western Ontario


12. New Business

No new Business


13. Good of the Union


On behalf of new executive committee, Eric Searle congratulated all the outgoing executives for their successful tenure and thanked them for the support they have made towards the betterment of Local.

Good of the Union and the AGM adjournment motion;


Moved by Eric Searle,

Seconded by: Alex Ritz

Motion Carried.

Adjourned: 5:50 PM



MINUTES COMPILED BY: Bal Ram Adhikari (Recording Secretary)


Date:   March 31, 2015