Executive members

The Executive Board is the governing body of the Local. Board members are elected by the membership for one year terms and work to serve the interests of the membership throughout the year. The executive meets at least once a month in formal meetings and maintains the day-to-day function of the Local.

Current (2019-20) executive members are: (Elected on AGM 2019, March 27)

President: Steven Beery (

Vice president: Ema Cristina Ross Caicedo (

Treasurer: Oleksandr Grynko (

Chief Steward: Sai Peng (

Recording Secretary: Chen Chen (


Previous Executive Committees:

Executive Committee (2018-19)

President: Eric Bryan Searle

Vice president: Steven Beery

Treasurer: Harutyun Poladyan

Chief Steward: AyyappaKumar SistaKameshwar

Recording Secretary: Chen Chen

Executive Committee (2014-15)

President: Patrick Gauthier

Vice president: Shashi Shahi

Recording Secretary: Yagya  Paudel

Treasurer: Steven Beery

Chief Steward: Lucy Fawler

Executive Committee (2013-14)

President: Patrick Gauthier

Vice president: Richard Major:

Recording Secretary: Krish Homagain

Treasurer: Jason Dampier

Chief Steward: Shannon Tersigni

Office Advisor: Scott Miller

Executive Committee (2012-13)

President: Scott Miller

Vice President: Patrick Gauthier

Recording Secretary: Krish Homagain

Secretary-Treasurer: Li Yu

Chief Steward: Brendon Johnson

Executive Committee (2011-12)

Office Administrator: Samantha Enders

President: Scott Miller

Vice President: Serge LaForest

Recording Secretary: Brent Forbes

Secretary Treasurer: Jim Riffel

Chief Steward: Brendon Johnson