Get Involved!

There are a number of great ways to get involved with CUPE Local 3905. These positions are a great way to support your fellow student academic workers while advancing the objectives of the local. Most of the positions pay, too! Watch your e-mail, the website news posts, Facebook, Twitter, and come out to the General Membership Meeting to get involved.


Trustees – Three Members

The role of the Trustees is to act as an auditing committee on behalf of the members. The books and accounts of the local and executive board are examined at least once a year, and a written report is prepared for the members. Trustees also ensure that monies are not unlawfully spent, and the concerns are made aware to the executive board.


Stewards Council – Multiple Members

Stewards are representatives of the local for each department in the University and are charged with the role of recruiting and organizing members in their departments. They serve as a liaison between the members from their departments and the executive committee, and advise members on matters involving the collective agreement and grievances. Stewards report to the Chief Steward and sit on the Stewards Council.


Membership Services Committee – Two Members

The goal of the Membership Services Committee is to organize any and all activities related to welcoming new members and educating the Local. Possible activities include orientation and information luncheon, orientation party, and orientation information.


If you have any interest in joining any of these groups, or have further questions, you can e-mail us at, phone us at (807) 343-8801, or stop by our office, UC 0021A.