Stewards Council

The Steward’s Council for 2019/2020 is as follows:
Chief Steward: Sai Peng, (
Stewards (Dept. or Faculty Reps)
Joseph Tassone (;
Niloofar Alipoormazandarani (
Sciences and Environmental Studies:
Vira Grynko (
Social Sciences & Humanities:
Niloufar Sadroddini (
Health and Behavioural Sciences:
Katelyn Wheeldon (
Robin Faye (
If you wish to contact a Steward and your faculty is not represented above, you may still email one of the above Stewards.
However, we still need stewards for the :
Natural Resources Management(1 or 2 members)
Business Administration (1 member)
Orillia(1 member)
If interested please contact me via email at or