Dental, Vision, and Medical Benefits

As a member of CUPE 3905, you are entitled to dental, vision, and medical benefits. Most of the cost of this insurance is covered by your employer (Lakehead). For details about your benefit coverage, click here, or you can download the PDF version of the benefits pamphlet here.


Member coverage begins in September and expires at the end of August. However, if your work ended in December, you should be eligible for coverage until the end of April.

Summary of Benefits

A summary chart of your benefits can be downloaded here.
Definitions to note

EHS: Emergency Health Services

Co-pay: the amount you pay when receiving benefits or services. The Employer (the health insurance carrier, Green Shield) pays the remaining balance.


If you have any questions about your benefits, you may contact the following organizations:

CUPE Local 3905

  • UC 0021A
  • Phone: (807)-343-8801
  • E-Mail:

Human Resource Department

  • UC 0003
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Phone: (807)-343-8334
  • Fax: (807)-346-7701

Employee Financial Assistance Fund

Lakehead has also established an Employee Financial Assistance Fund to assist employees with academic and living expenses (including child care expenses). See the Department of Graduate Studies for more details.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

What Is The EAP?

Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will provide you and your significant others with confidential, professional assistance for personal problems that may negatively affect your well being.

Why Have an EAP?

Most people encounter problems from time to time. This is both natural and predictable. Often, you deal with such problems on your own without specialized help. Sometimes, personal problems are not easily resolved and they may begin to hinder your lifestyle and ability to perform properly on the job. Your EAP is intended to help you maintain satisfactory work performance and personal wellness.

Is It Confidential?

Confidentiality surrounding use of the EAP by any employee is essential to preserving confidence in the Program. In order to reinforce your confidence, EAP services have been contracted from an external provider (St. Joseph’s Care Group, Behavioural Sciences Centre).

Access to the EAP is voluntary, and if you decide to refer yourself to the Program, then only you will know. All records concerning you will be kept at the Behavioural Sciences Centre in the strictest of confidence. Within the limits of the law, no file nor its contents will be released to anyone including your employer, unless authorized by you with written informed consent.

What Services?

Your EAP offers timely access to a team of health care professionals who have the skills required to assist you with a wide variety of personal difficulties or wellness concerns. Some of these services include personal counseling for managing stress and tension, family problems, credit counseling, legal consultations, emotional difficulties and coping with job stress and conflicts in the work place. Family counseling is available for dealing with marital and relationship problems, as well as child management. Crisis counseling is available 24 hours daily by calling the EAP office telephone number, collect.

How Do I Use It?

Contacting the EAP services is as simple as picking up the phone and dialing (807) 343-4626 to speak to a counselor or to arrange an appointment. The Behavioural Sciences Centre is a department of St. Joseph’s Care Group, located on the sixth floor of the Thunder Bay Hydro Building in Thunder Bay. Evening appointments can be scheduled by special arrangement. Your first visit to the EAP will consist of an interview with a counselor. Your counselor will attempt to identify the underlying problem and recommend a mutually-agreeable plan of action. Up to 8 individual or joint counseling sessions are allowable per problem (excluding group sessions) yearly. If you should require longer-term help, your counselor will assist you in referral to a qualified professional or agency. If your counselor feels that your problem is very serious, you may be asked to see your physician for referral to ongoing care.

Am I Eligible?

All designated employees are eligible to use the EAP free of cost. Employees who are under the active care of another agency or professional will not normally qualify for EAP services if they seek EAP help for the same problem. Significant others living in the employee’s place of residence are also eligible to receive the same services. Those wishing to attend EAP group programs are encouraged to do so but should be accompanied by the employee.

Further Information

Call or visit:

Behavioural Sciences Centre

(St. Joseph’s General Hospital)

Sixth Floor, Suite 600

34 North Cumberland Street

Thunder Bay, Ontario

P7A 4L3