Harassment & Discrimination

If you have been harassed or discriminated against, you do have options. If you require detailed information on Lakehead’s discrimination and harassment policy, see Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures.

If you require information on the harassment policy as per your collective agreement, see Personal Harassment.

If you require information on the discrimination policy as per your collective agreement, see No Discrimination.

If you choose to complain to your supervisor, staff, or a faculty member, this person is expected to maintain confidentiality unless there is an imminent danger that requires immediate action.

No reprisals will be taken against individuals solely because they have sought advice pertaining to incident(s) of harassment and/or discrimination.

We strongly encourage you to contact Lakehead’s Harassment and Discrimination Officer, Sherry Herchack, by email (, by phone (343-8356), or by stopping by the human resource department (UC 0003) if you believe you have been the victim of harassment or discrimination. She can answer your questions and help you lodge a complaint.

You may also go through CUPE’s grievance procedure to grieve perceived harassment or discrimination. Also, if you have notified the Harassment and Discrimination Officer about the harassment or discrimination and the proper procedures are not carried out to protect your rights, CUPE may grieve Lakehead for “failure to protect”.